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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Halloween Tutorial: Sexy Gothic Vampire Makeup

"As a vampire, I don't get sunlight so my skin is delicate and pure. I sleep during the day and execute my hunting at night. I prefer my meal to be a challenge. I like to scare them a little before I suck the living out of my prey. I hunt mostly on men because they think with their head if you know what I mean. I can smile, show a little bit of cleavage, and tell them to meet me at the end of an alley, and oh boy aren't they excited. I've been alive for thousands of years and to see theses men act like boys; I pity them. Before I do my kill, I collect a collateral to represent how many lives I've taken. I do not care because it's the circle of life. We kill and we live. The stronger lives longer. I am the hunter and you are my prey. So before you go to bed at night make sure you lock your windows before some stranger taps on your window glass wanting a midnight snack. Beware of these vicious women vampires like myself because we will stop at nothing to get what we want, and I ALWAYS get what I want" -Anna
 The Red Contact Lens   are very vivid. These picture here does no justice but I absolutely love these lens. They are uncomfortable at first and take a lot of getting used to but once you get the hang of it, these lens doesn't cause a problem. Every now and then you will get a red glare from your peripheral vision. 

Thank you all for watching. I have created this look using BH cosmetics pallets. Everything was purchased by my expenses except for the contact lens who was gifted to me by Pink Paradise. For some reason the photos here isn't showing the red contacts. However my youtube video displays the entire look vividly.
Check out pinkyparadise for these vivid red contact lens

I enjoyed using my BH Cosmetics Pallets to create this look.
The BH cosmetics Smokey Eye Pallet is awesome for looks like this! The pigmentation is decent and it lasts on all day with a lot of colors to choose from. For $9.00, this pallet is so worth it.

The fangs that I have used are purchased from a halloween store. I do not recommend them because they will not stay on and are not compatible with your teeth.